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The premier provider of mold remediation, water mitigation, asbestos and lead abatement, dry wall restoration, disasters, pandemics, chemical treatment, Chinese dry wall, and meth lab restoration in the nation.

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Water Intrusion and Mold Assessments

We work with clients to develop an actionable plan to keep the building performing as it was designed. Water intrusion events are costly and in most cases, avoidable through planning and training.

Disaster Response

IDS has developed a Catastrophic Rapid Response Program for hurricane and storm damaged areas. The CRRP provides immediate assistance by securing the building envelopes, decontaminating the structures and drying the structures to prevent re-growth of mold.


In the event of a bacterial outbreak, IDS decontaminates facilities more efficiently and effectively than traditional methods. Using patented state-of-the-art non-toxic and environmentally safe products, IDS can rapidly respond to outbreaks.

Spores, Bacteria and Viruses

IDS utilizes products for medical applications that are fast acting against the most dangerous pathogens such as bacterial spores, bacteria, viruses and fungii. Our products are approved for hospital and nursing home use as well as schools and daycares. The prodcts we use have been verified against C-Diff spores in five minutes.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

Emergencies do happen that impact lives, businesses and communities. Planning for emergencies, whether natural, man-made and/or cyber is critical to your business’ success. We work with clients to develop emergency preparedness & response plans, and conduct training and drills. Being prepared dictates the effectiveness of your response and minimizes business interruptions and costs.

Toxic Industrial Chemicals

IDS has developed proprietary and proven decontamination methods that utilize state-of-the-art patented products to neutralize the effects of chemical contamination.

Why You Need IDS

Cost Saving Indoor Environmental Solutions

Innovative Decon Solutions (“IDS”) provides state-of-the-art restoration, remediation and decontamination services utilizing technologically advanced treatment methodologies.  Our treatment protocols feature highly novel proprietary and patented technologies to provide indoor environmental solutions for a myriad of contamination issues.  Our cost effective services provide fundamentally sound and environmentally friendly techniques to resolve complex problems faced by our customers.

View a case study from one of our municipal buildings below:

Case Studies